InstantStretch 3.1

InstantStretch 3.1: Fully Automated Stretching Routine Software with 135 unique Stretching Exercises routine is for, selecting your level of fitness, deciding how many stretches you want in your routine, choosing an existing stretching routine or creating one of your own, choosing the sport or the muscle group the routine is for and then saving, printing or emailing the routine. InstantStretch is ideal for coaches and personal trainers, for pro athletes and serious competitors and for sporting enthusiasts looking to improve their performance. With

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HEXPlayer 1.00.0152

HEXPlayer allows you to create your own customizable workouts from multiple fitness video sources. Add custom workout music to your custom routines by using Window Media Playlists. Save your place in a routine so you can resume the routine from where you left off. Manage your workout routines with simple statistical reports of clips and routines. Add `intros` to each clip which play before each clip is shown.

yoga, routines, mpeg, clips, body, shape up, hexplayer, pilates, media, diet, weight training, music, home

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Secure-IT 1.45

Secure-IT is an intelligent backup routine that runs as a screen-saver! Use Secure-IT on its own or in addition to your overnight backup routine to ensure that you always have a copy of files you change during the day. Just tell Secure-IT where your important files are (`My Documents` is a good start) and where to keep copies of them and it will do the rest.

security, screen saver, utility, backup, screensaver

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Fat Loss Routine 1.0

Fat Loss Routine Toolbar to help with your long term goals. Easily connect to the blog and get the latest news to help you lose weight. It is time to quit going on diets. This time get the help you need to keep the weight off.

fat loss routine, fat loss add on, fat loss toolbar, toolbar, fat loss help, fat loss

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine 1: Taylor Lautner Workout Routine for fun
Taylor Lautner Workout Routine 1

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine for the person who loves being healthy. Health is always of pertinent importance to us and to ignore it would be to court danger in unexpecting times. Health is also beauty from inside to out.

workout, taylor, routine, lautner

MouseRobot 1.4: MouseRobot - A convenient tool for automating routine user tasks under Windows.
MouseRobot 1.4

MouseRobot - A convenient tool for automating routine user tasks under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Windows 2003. MouseRobot will help you: * Delegate routine tasks that waste your time and efforts to your computer * Make any task simpler and faster to perform * Configure your software environment for maximum effectiveness.

scripting, tasks, actions, routine, task, automate, click, batch, action, mouse, automation, macro, repetitive

Apis - Macro Recorder 2.2.3: Apis Ceratina is a Windows application for recording and replaying macros.
Apis - Macro Recorder 2.2.3

While working people do a lot of similar actions, repeatedly clicking the same buttons; we constantly write the same sentences, filling in these or those forms. With Apis Ceratina you can record macro once and then, firstly, use it almost instantly, and, secondly, use it as many times as you want. Associating all your routine actions with hot keys or with Apis menu items, you will improve your productivity and get rid of computer routine.

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